Friday, 1 November 2013

Totally Special

My class for Saturday, to complete this class you will need;
A 5x7 photo that can be trimmed slightly.
A distressing tool

Looking forward to seeing you all, seems like ages!
Ju xxx

Hope this is a better picture for you. I have added my title and I will be bringing the font with me.
Just a few added needs you will need a fine black pen, removeable glue, black inpad, silicone glue if you have it or glue of your choice, a 1" circle I used the lid off my 3D gloss also an apron and if you do not like inky finger then I suggest some gloves!! Also a heat gun might come in handy although I will be bringing mine but if you have your own then it saves on time!
See you Saturday,
Fiona xx

Dodgy photos of our lovely classes!

We will publish better photos for you but so you can get organised for tomorrow..

Julia's class:

You will need a 5 x 7 photo and a distressing tool

Fiona's class:

You will need

1 6x4 landscape black and white photo- ideally one that you can tear an edge around; a headshot would be best.  If it is a much loved photo please get a copy made as this is a messy class
Please bring removeable glue, a black inkpad, an apron and a black pen
Also bring rubber gloves if you don't like inky fingers